The experience of Domson's Engineering allows us to provide any kind of restaurant with engineering standards of the law of country’s relevant. As far as these buildings have a place in the use of open fire, modern fire safety systems are of great importance. Expect of the Central Fire network, suction-umbrellas considered dry fire-extinguishing local systems. The air fired from the kitchen is characterized by high levels of pollution which is adequately reflected in multi-stage filtering, including the need for so-called ion and charcoal filters. An integral part of modern lifestyle is to take into account the individual needs, including the differentiation of spaces for smokers and non-smoking zones. The needs of different attitudes towards the air-change plan.


  •  Fire Safety Systems
  •  Emergency Smoke and Pressure Systems
  •  Energy Efficient Central Equipment
  •  Fat-bearing Machine
  •  Fire-resistant Firepower
  •  Multilevel Filtration